Mini Bicycles (Mountain Bikes)

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How do you describe the mountain bike experience?  It’s the exhilaration of descending a steep drop on a downhill mountain bike, a vertiginous thrill combined with victory over a challenge, over yourself.  It’s becoming one with your bike, an adrenaline rush, the peace of being in nature, an adventure.  OK, it’s hard to describe!

Bikes are a part of us, but we can’t take our bikes everywhere we go.  But you can take your Mini Bicycle!

These highly detailed 1:10 scale bicycles look just like the real thing. But they’re small. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.  You can take them with you anywhere!

What can you do with these bikes?

  • Put one in your pocket or backpack and take it with you.
  • Display one on your desk at the office.
  • Hang one from your car’s rearview mirror.
  • Visualize yourself in the deep woods descending a steep trail.

Because of the attention to detail, it's easy to mistake these miniature bikes for the real thing. Except that they’re one tenth the size and probably won’t support your weight.  Please don’t try to sit on them. We won’t be held responsible for what happens!

Some of the modeled details you can observe on these Mini Bicycles include: 

  • Real pedal action!  Turning the pedals drives the rear wheel.
  • Realistic looking double crown mountain bike fork.
  • Rear suspension pivot and shock.
  • The handlebars turn.
  • Realistic looking tiny tire valves.
  • Cable housings.
  • Disc brakes (not functional, but real looking).

These bikes are great for stress or anxiety relief for those days when you just can’t make it out to the trail.

Nothing can replace the excitement of actually being off-road on your mountain bike.  But with these realistic Mini Bicycles, it’s easy to relive the memory of your most recent ride.

Mini bicycles make great gifts for your cycling family and friends.

Never be without a bike again!  Take your bike with you anywhere!

Dimensions: About 7 inches by 4 inches.

Built of high-quality metal and plastic.

What are people saying about Mini Bicycles?

  • Really beautiful. Amias 2/18/2020
  • Very nice model. Made in good quality. I recommend. Alexis, 1/18/2020
  • Is nicely cast and very detailed. Really very nice.  Alonso, 1/7/2020

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