Rubber Duck Bike Horn

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You’ll be the envy of your bike club when you mount this Rubber Duck Bike Horn on your handlebars!

I mean, who wouldn’t want one of these on their bike? This little yellow duck proudly sits on your handlebars, bill into the wind! Nothing slows him down! At least not while you’re pedaling.

When the going gets tough, the tough get squeaking!

And you can personalize your Rubber Duck Bike Horn with your choice of 12 helmets. Here are just a few:

  • 8 Ball – He’s your very own on-the-road good luck charm.
  • Melon – Because we’re all melon heads from time to time.
  • Flames – When you’re feeling blazin’ fast! On the downhills, anyway…
  • Fangs – We guarantee you’ll feel 5% tougher with this sharp-toothed helmeted duck!

And this duck does more than just look good. What else can he do?

  • He lights! Yes, that’s right. He contains a small light that when switched on causes him to emit a warm yellow glow.
  • He squeaks! Wouldn’t you expect him to? He’s a rubber duck! Give your duck a little squeeze as you pass your buddy and he’ll let out a little squeak! The duck that is, not your buddy.
  • He creates conversations! “Yo dude! Is that a duck on your bars?” “Why yes. Yes, it is!”

Just imagine how your life could change with your very own Rubber Duck Bike Horn mounted proudly on your handlebars!

Are you worried about your duck slowing you down? Well, fret not my friend. Total weight of these ducks, with helmet, is only 43 grams. That’s less than your cell phone. And you’re still bringing your cell phone on your next ride, aren’t you? So, bring your duck!

And he’s aero! Because, well, you know, he’s a duck!

If, heaven forbid, you end up rubber side up, you won’t have to worry about your duck. Because he’s wearing a helmet, as you should be.

These are probably obvious, but here are some disclaimers:

  • The duck merely glows, he does not replace a properly mounted, bright headlight. He will not help you see the road at night.
  • He emits a playful but not overly loud squeak. He does not replace your “on the left!” or “Hey! Outta the way!”

The light is powered by a CR2032 coin battery.

LIMITED TIME ONLY. Not sold in stores.

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